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Many organisations carry out or invest in training each year, which is a great way to assist the development of employees’ skills, knowledge and experience.

While arranging training sessions, companies may wonder whether to hold the training internally or use an external venue. Because valuable time and money are invested into training, it is important that the location helps with attendee engagement and interest.

There are a number of benefits to holding training in an external venue, which is why it is such a popular choice for organisations across Ireland.

Here’s why you should use an external venue for your next training event.

Better Facilities

Using an external venue for a training day or session can mean that you have better access to facilities that you may not have in an office.

Many meeting and training venues offer a range of facilities and resources so there is sure to be something you can make use of that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

Projectors, fast WIFI, flipcharts, flexible seating and catering facilities are just a few things that may be on offer to you if you use an external venue for training. The great thing about outsourcing a venue is that you can approach with a list of things that you require and know that these will be taken care of, without you having to exert effort or time. 

Good Use of Time

Worrying about hosting a training event internally can take up a lot of time and effort for those in charge; questions will need to be answered like where will the sessions take place?

Will people have laptops or will we be arranging an external speaker to come in? Do we have enough space? Hiring a venue externally will mean that much less time is taken up because the venue or event manager will be able to ensure you have everything you need.

Organising a training event can be much more time consuming than people realise, so using an external venue can be a great time saver. 

Improved Focus

Studies have shown that taking people out of a familiar environment can help to improve their focus and interest in a particular task or subject.

Using an external venue will help to eliminate distractions so that attendees can put all of their energy and focus into the training and topic at hand.

Being away from the office or work environment can also prevent distractions such as phone calls from interrupting the training sessions; when away from the office employees are likely to re-assess how important a phone call or email is so that they can properly focus on the training. 

Better Communication

One of the great things about taking employees away from the office is that they have a better chance at communicating with staff members they may not have got to know before.

Eliminating groups and the usual seating plans gives attendees the opportunity to learn more about each other away from the hierarchical structures. Having employees communicate with each other is highly important in order for successful knowledge sharing and learning about an individual’s strengths.

An open external environment can encourage people to get to know each other, which will help improve organisational culture. 

Greater Morale

A day away from the office or working space is sure to heighten attendee morale because it shows that a company care about their team members and are willing to invest to help them grow and develop.

Taking time out of the usual environment will increase morale so that attendees are more willing to learn and take on information than they may have back in the office or workspace.

A company’s investment in its employees helps them to feel valued, which is vital to retaining staff and keeping them happy. 

Hire Training and Meeting Rooms with Enterprise House

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We are able to provide training spaces in Carlow and the South East of Ireland; each of which with a variety of facilities so you are sure to find a venue perfect for your event and training needs. Get in touch with us today, email us through info@enterprisehouse.ie.