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The last year has seen most of us make a move from office to home working, however, now things are opening up again and companies are moving back into their offices, many of us are thinking more about how we can save money when it comes to the workplace.

Renting office space can be an expensive outgoing for businesses; there are more factors at play than just the space, such as WIFI and broadband costs, cleaning expenses and the cost of furniture when new employees join the company.

A serviced office can help eliminate these costs, which is why so many are now making the move from long-term rental to flexible serviced offices.

What are serviced offices?

Serviced offices are workspaces that come completely furnished and include equipment like TVs and computers, WIFI, cleaners, a kitchen and sometimes even a receptionist or front desk.

Serviced offices allow you to pay one price for everything so you don’t have to worry or spend time sourcing specific equipment or furniture.

Serviced offices are also generally more flexible which makes them great for start-up businesses or businesses that want to allow employees to work from home every now and then. 

What are the benefits of renting a serviced office?

There are many benefits to renting a serviced office, so you can save valuable time, effort and money when sourcing a workspace for your team or company.

Whether the business is small or large, you can choose from a range of spaces and find one perfect for your team. 

Receptionist/admin staff

A receptionist will not only make your business seem more professional to others but can be a great help when it comes to having visitors.

Some serviced offices also offer admin staff who are on hand to help with things like scanning and copying, which can save you a great deal of time.

Flexible contracts

Flexibility is a huge benefit when it comes to renting serviced offices rather than signing long-term rental contracts.

This is because you can easily move around to other serviced offices, or decide on a short-term plan if that is what suits the company best.

No more signing a rental agreement for 2 to 4 years if you don’t want to!

Many serviced offices also provide a pass so that you can use other serviced offices around the country, owned by the same facility management companies. 

Set up and ready for your arrival

One of the best things about serviced offices is that they are completely furnished so you can walk in and get to work straight away.

Simply move in what you need and the rest is taken care of. No time wasted setting up TVs, webcams or other telecom devices! 

Cleaning Included

You no longer need to worry about arranging a cleaner to come to the office because serviced offices include cleaning.

You can come into the offices each day without having to worry about the state of the carpets or toilet, so employees can work in a neat and hygienic space.

Network with other businesses

Many serviced offices host a range of teams within their building, which means you are likely to mix with others, especially if there is a shared canteen.

An opportunity to chat with other businesses allows you to network and find out more about your office neighbours. 

Central and reputable address

Serviced offices are usually located in city centres and bustling areas where it may cost more to rent long-term.

This means that the offices are more accessible to employees using public transport, and have a more reputable business address to keep your company looking professional. 

Serviced Offices and Training Space at Enterprise House

InCarlow community enterprise centres can provide a range of offices and training spaces around Carlow Town, Ireland.

Carlow has excellent transport links to airports, seaports and stations, and is located just 85km away from the city of Dublin. County Carlow is home to a range of enterprises that have developed and grown their business in a fearless environment.

You can find a serviced office and training spaces for your team to grow your business and reach goals, so get in touch with our friendly team on (059) 912 9780 or email info@enterprisehouse.ie today.